Curriculum resource packs

Each of the following resource packs contains a session plan with both indoor and outdoor activities, along with supporting resources and a fun quiz that can be used to re-inforce and assess pupils’ learning.


Amazing adaptations

Curriculum focus: Adaptations, evolution and inheritance

Discover what we mean by adaptation and how wetland birds have become adapted to their habitats. How do these adaptations help them to thrive?


Circle of life

Curriculum focus: Life cycles

Compare the life cycles of different animals. What are the main similarities and differences as each animal develops from young to adult?


Climate champions

Curriculum focus: Climate change

Explore the causes and effects of climate change. What can we do to help and what role can wetlands play in helping to prevent climate change?


Marvellous minibeasts

Curriculum focus: Adaptations, evolution and inheritance; Identification and classification; Animal diets and food chains; Habitats; Life cycles; Migration

Cover a range of science topics through an exploration of minibeasts.


Migration challenge

Curriculum focus: Geography - location and place knowledge, geographical skills

Explore the world with migratory birds. Why do they migrate, where do they travel and what challenges do they face on the way?


Plant detectives

Curriculum focus: Plants

Explore why plants are so important to all life on Earth.


Plastic planet

Curriculum focus: Plastic pollution

Discover the causes and effects of plastic pollution. Why it is such a problem for wetlands and what can we do to help?


Tremendous trees

Curriculum focus: Plants

Explore the structure of trees. What role do the different parts play and how have some trees adapted to life in wetlands? What is the different between deciduous and evergreen trees and why do some trees lose their leaves in the autumn? Discover how trees and other plants can make their own food and why they are so important to humans and other animals.


Water, water everywhere...

Curriculum focus: The importance of water (5-7), The water cycle (7-11)

Discover why water is so important to life on earth. Explore how water changes state and is constantly transported around the earth through the water cycle. What role can wetlands play in cleaning water and helping prevent flooding?


Who eats who?

Curriculum focus: Food chains

Investigate what different animals eat. Are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores? How is energy passed through a food chain and what would happen if one of the plants or animals was removed from the chain?


Who lives where?

Curriculum focus: Habitats

Explore different habitats and micro-habitats. Which animals live here and how do these habitats provide for their needs?


Wonderful wetland wildlife

Curriculum focus: Identification and classification

Explore different ways of grouping and classifying living things. What does each group have in common and what sets the different groups apart?

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