Self-guided resources

Enhance the on-site learning experience with our self-guided learning resources that can be hired free of charge for use on the day. Select from the following resources.


Spotter guide

Unsure what the birds are around your feet? This guide will help you to identify the six most common water birds. It includes photographs, footprints and fascinating facts for each species.

Life-size swan

Life-size swan

Have you wondered what it is like to hold a swan? With this resource, you will have the chance to hold, closely observe, measure and weigh a life-size fabric swan while watching real swans nearby. Great for developing measurement skills.


Activity dice

Can you waddle like a duck? Share moments of creativity by throwing one dice to reveal an animal behaviour to observe, followed by a second dice suggesting how to show others your chosen behaviour, for example, through mime, acting or dance.

Species boards

Species boards

Do you want to know more about some of the birds and mammals around you? Each board shows and describes the males, females and young of different species. They provide the adult with curious questions and answers to probe and develop learner’s understanding. The boards are cross curricula and include links to literacy and maths.

Explore cards

Explore cards

In this fun, interactive game learners are challenged to look for items described by two words e.g. ‘smooth’ and ‘wriggling’. Great for extending descriptive vocabulary and encouraging learners to slow down and observe the world around them.


Create your own wetland bird

A fun yet educational activity that challenges learners to design their own wetland bird taking into consideration how its wings, beak and feet will help it to survive in its chosen habitat. There are three differentiated versions available.