Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions

1. What time do the sessions start?

Sessions start at different times in the day and are subject to availability. Please contact the Learning Manager at your local wetland centre to confirm timings for your visit.

2. Do sessions follow learning objectives?

Yes. Each session follows learning objectives linked to the National Curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence, NI Curriculum, or National Curriculum for Wales.

3. Do we tailor our sessions to the needs of the group?

Yes. We welcome all school visits. Our sessions are pre-planned but differentiated to the needs of your class. We have a wealth of experience of working with Special Educational Needs groups, with most of our sessions being accessible for all. Further details can be discussed with the Learning Manager or Officer prior to your visit on the day.

4. What are the free ratios?

We offer free entry to adults within the following ratios, and free entry to all essential carers.
1:5 – Up to Key Stage 1
1:10 – Key Stage 2 +

5. Is there coach parking?


6. Can we reach the wetland centre by public transport?

Not all of our centres can be reached by public transport easily.

7. Is there catering available on site?

Yes. All of our centres have cafes and/or restaurants and can cater for your needs on the day by prior arrangement. For catering needs, please discuss this with the Learning Manager or Officer when booking

8. What pre-visit information will we receive?

You will receive confirmation information prior to your visit with a map and planner, as well as safety information for your risk assessment.

9. Do you have pre- and post-visit resources to support our visit?

Pre-visit resources can be found here and post-visit resources can be found here

10. Who do I contact to book a school visit?

Once you’ve clicked on your local centre, you will find the contact us page with details of who and how to contact us.

11. Is there somewhere to eat lunch?

Yes. We have allocated spaces for schools to eat their lunch on site.

12. Do we have somewhere to leave bags?

Yes. We have allocated spaces for bags to be left.

13. Can we use our membership and come in for free?

Due to the involvement of our learning staff, our outstanding resources, and our informative and interactive sessions, there is a charge for our educational / learning visits, even if you are a member.

14. What happens if it rains?

We can adapt to the weather. However, we do ask every class to come prepared for all weathers as our visits are predominantly outside.

15. Do we need wellies?

Wellies are recommended for certain sessions. Please contact the Learning Manager prior to your session to confirm.

16. What can we do after our guided learning sessions?

We can provide you with resources to carry out a self-guided learning session, or you can enjoy exploring the Centre’s exhibits and site.

17. What are the minimum and maximum class sizes?

For guided sessions we accept classes with a minimum of 12 pupils and a maximum of 35 pupils per class. For SEN groups, please contact your local wetland centre to confirm numbers. Minimum and maximum group sizes for self-guided visits vary by centre. Please contact the centre you would like to visit to confirm.

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