Things to see and do

With more than enough to fill a whole day, there’s so much to see and do at Caerlaverock Wetland Centre.


Wild Swan Feeds

Watch whooper and mute swan families, geese diving and dabbling ducks. Learn about adaptations, migration, wetland habitats and their associated wildlife. 


Paddock Ponds

During the summer months, use nets and trays to catch and identify a variety of pond creatures such as smooth newts, water scorpions, water boatmen and pond snails. 


Farmhouse Tower

Climb the three flights of stairs up the farmhouse tower and learn about the fantastic migration of barnacle geese from Svalbard. At the top you will see stunning views and watch these geese using a giant pair of binoculars! 


Bird watching

The Peter Scott Trail is a wet woodland and full of small birds such as tree sparrows, great tits, greenfinches and great spotted woodpeckers. Use binoculars at the feeding station to identify species and observe behaviour!


Saltcot Observatory

Get a closer look at the Solway Firth over to Cumbria, and see the merse habitat which is so important for wintering geese, ducks and waders.


Reserve Management

See our Hebridean sheep and find out how they are helping with habitat management for natterjack toads!


Wildflower Meadow

In summer the meadow is full of wildflowers, insects and birds. It is a great place to do transects, species identification, bug hunts and art.


Tracks & Signs

Badgers, otters, hares and deer all live on the reserve – look out for badger snuffle holes, setts and footprints in the mud around the reserve! 


Supporting self-guided visits

We can also provide a range of advice and resources to support your self-guided visit.